Astralis Reign Supreme Once Again


The Danes retain their dominance with a resounding win at ECS

Astralis claimed the trophy at the ECS Season 8 Finals, after striking down Team Liquid in a comeback win that continues to prove their legacy. The Danish team, after going on a major winning three-peat, has won three events since the Berlin Major concluded. The team never stays down, as after placing anything below first, the team will come back the very next tournament at championship level caliber.

During the final, the first map was tense, as Team Liquid edged out a win in overtime over the Danes, winning 19-15 on Vertigo. Although there were still potentially two more games to be played, it was a huge win for the North American players as they were in front of a home crowd and looking extremely confident. Twistzz looked great for Team Liquid, regardless of whether or not his team lost.

After the first map, Astralis flipped a switch and begun to dismantle Liquid. Astralis out called their competitors on the second map, with the team having an amazing terrorist side that set them up to succeed come halftime. Astralis is a team known for both their counter-terrorist play and proficiency on Nuke, which being CT sided map spelled out a death sentence for Liquid.  Astralis ended the second game with a 16-11 scoreline.

The third map was set to be an exciting conclusion to the tournament. However, this was cut short by the superstar AWPer device, who had a ridiculous 1.89 rating while dealing an average of 122 damage a round. The Danish team had a convincing victory in the third game, sealing their tournament win with a 16-8 scoreline.

With this win, it seems that Astralis still remain supreme in CSGO. Team Liquid has still shown nerves in particular against Astralis, and it continues to limit them from success. Although the tournament concluded in a decisive victory, the ECS Season 8 Finals was a great tournament, showing amazing play from a variety of teams, with a large amount of nail-biting series going with them hand in hand. With Fnatic and Evil Geniuses also looking very good, the competitive landscape will be much closer in the weeks to follow.

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