Creating the “Anti-Astralis”


With Danish team Astralis looking like the best team to ever play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it seems that the perfect Danish lineup has been assembled. However, there is a multitude of Danish players scattered across the region that in my mind, could create a top 5 team capable of winning large events. In an ideal world, this would be my “Anti-Astralis” lineup.

Valdemar “valde” Vangsa- Role: Lurker

Valde has been sensational in his tenure with North. With valde more than likely being the next player called up by Astralis, it only makes sense to put him in our “Anti-Astralis” team. The Dane is the definition of high-impact, applying constant pressure to enemy teams with high IQ lurking and deadly aim. Valde has perfected the art of his position, maneuvering around enemy lines as both terrorist and counter terrorist. Valde has also been a one man carry for the slumping North, as there are many times were valde is tasked with dragging his team to victory. Valde will be the star player in my “Anti- Astralis” team, and as a lurker, can operate without many resources being poured into him.

Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen- Role: In-Game Leader

MSL has been a mainstay in the Danish CS scene, leading notable teams such as Dignitas and North. MSL, while not the best frag wise, has a very unique ability among IGL’s. The Dane is able to unlock star potential within players. Kjaerbye, k0nfig, and valde have all performed at their peaks when being led by MSL, turning from Danish scene newcomers into top 20 players in the world. I believe that MSL’s tactics more than make up for his lack of firepower, and is a very easy pick for the teams IGL.

Niels-Christian “NaToSaphiX” Sillassen- Role: AWPer

NaToSaphiX, is in my opinion, one of the best up-and-coming AWPers in the Danish scene. He was the number one option for Sprout, and consistently made flashy and aggressive plays with the AWP. However, the Danish sniper has been very unlucky, never getting picked up by a tier one team. With MSL, NaToSaphiX will have the perfect IGL to develop under. If the Dane can perfect his aggressive style, it will cause mayhem on the enemy side with valde lurking from behind.

Benjamin “blameF” Bremer- Role: Entry Fragger

BlameF has been a player on the rise after joining Heroic. The rifler was a monster with his old team Epsilon, and after being tasked with IGL’ing his new team, has posted a 1.20 rating. BlameF is a pure aimer, always peeking opponents and taking duels. His scrappy style demolishes tier two opposition. In our “Anti-Astralis” lineup, blameF would be able to operate at full power without having to IGL. Having the rifler as the team’s entry would work perfectly, as blameF has shown to be fearless when entering a bombsite, and has the aim necessary to hold his own.

Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen- Role: Support

Rounding out my lineup is the support for OpTic Gaming, niko. Niko has been moved around the Danish scene quite a bit, but is a very good role player that has acted as the “glue” to a multitude of teams. Niko would provide a safety net to the team, as the support player is great at holding sites and taking difficult positions. Always using his utility for his teammates, his supportive nature will give my trio of stars a person to lean on.

This team could be more than capable of making it far in large events. Although the team wouldn’t have the flexibility or established playstyle like Astralis, I believe that this team would be a consensus second best Danish team.

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