Five Spring 2020 Anime To Watch While In Quarantine


Let’s face the facts. A majority of the world right now is confided to ~1200 square feet if you’re lucky. That means you’ll be sending more time than ever playing video games, scrolling through Tiktok and watching a ton of anime.

Instead of going back and watching the same anime you’ve seen 10 times, why not start something new? The Spring 2020 season of anime is upon us, and I wanted to point out a couple that I think everyone should watch.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2

Kaguya-Same: Love is War was easily one of my favorite anime of 2019. It focuses on two members of the student council who have developed feelings for each other. Both have decided however that the first to confess their feelings and will “lose” and be looked down upon. Every episode is the two trying to find a new way to outwit the other.

I don’t have much to say about this show, expect just watch it. It’ll make you laugh constantly, the supporting cast is incredible and this season looks like it’ll be no different.

Fruit Basket Season 2

I know Fruit Basket Season 2 isn’t a hidden gem by any means, countless people are counting down the minutes until it’s released. I include it on this list because I am one of those people counting the minutes.

I was incredibly late to watch the first season, but once I found it I binged it over a weekend. I’m a sucker for Slice of Life anime and I thought the story was incredibly different and fun. I know I’m in for a roller-coaster of a season two, and I cannot wait for it.

Food Wars! The Fifth Plate

I think everyone has a guilty pleasure anime, and Food Wars! is mine. It’s one of the first anime that I’ve ever watched, and I have kept up to date on it since.

The Fifth Plate will be another short season of the anime, as it is the final arc of Food Wars. I have no idea how it’s going to end, and I am sure I’ll be too emotional at the end of it but it’s still a fun watch.

Plus I’ll add if you’re at all interested in cooking, it honestly gives you a couple of cool tips here and there. I’m not trying to say you’ll become a master chef, but I’ve tried new recipes based on things I’ve seen in the show.


I’m predicting that Kakushigoto is going to be my favorite slice of life in 2020. It’s about Gotou Kakushi who is an artist that draws vulgar manga. However, he tries to hide it from his young daughter Hime.

Kakushigot is another anime that I don’t know much I can say to convince you. I feel like it’s something that if you’re interested in by the trailer, go for it otherwise I doubt anything I say will be able to convice you.

Personally, It looks incredibly cute and something right up my alley that I know I’m going to love.

Tower of God

Tower of God is a new anime that is focused around a boy named Bam, and his only close friend Rachel. Bam has spent most of his life trapped beneath a mysterious tower but is finally able to open the door. Bam faces challenges on each floor of the tower as he tries to climb it and find his closest friend.

I’ve watched one trailer, and I have to say that I’m absolutely in love with the art style already for Tower of God. However, the trailer doesn’t really give me a solid idea of what the story is, and honestly, it comes off a little confusing. Even with that said the character design and world seem very unique, so I’ll at least be jumping into the first couple episodes.

This is the one on this list that I’m still not completely sold on. I think I’m being slightly biased as I’ve heard that this is an incredibly popular Korean webcomic that is being translated to an anime. I know this has been done in the past, but just the source material being so different is really intriguing to me.

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