Ranking VALORANT Agents By Their Spotify Playlists


In the lead up to the official launch of VALORANT, Riot Games released playlists dedicated to each of the eleven agents the game will launch with. Popped Off put together their best and brightest minds to put together a completely biased ranking of their favorite agents based on the playlists.

Combining their thoughts on the characters, how the music fit each agent and their general enjoyment, the three-man committee came up with an incredibly scientific and accurate list.

Each of our personal thoughts and rankings can be found below with the overall ranks for each agent. If you want to listen to the playlist, make sure to click on the agent’s image!

11. Sova

The playlist is not what any of us expected, and it ended up being the downfall for the Russian agent. It didn’t really fit the character, and even if it did the music wasn’t great.

Andrew (10) – The only reason this was above Omen is because there was actual music in this playlist. I was not a fan, it’s just here.

James (6) – I didn’t know what to expect with Sova, classical, maybe? I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Russian marksman’s playlist is progressive trance through and through, and it keeps bringing me back for more.

Dylan (11) – This wasn’t doing it for me at all. I think it is by far the weakest playlist of all the agents.

10. Raze

With some heavy bias and minimal thoughts, Raze’s playlist barely squeaks out of last place. We understand she’s incredibly annoying, but common 10th?

Andrew (6) – Most of these songs I would find in my playlists already. Probably lower for me just because it wasn’t as new or exciting as others.

James (11) – Unfortunately I hate this agent so much I couldn’t touch her playlist. Listen to Andrew’s and Dylan’s reviews.

Dylan (9) – Another playlist where I just didn’t really have many thoughts. Not bad, just not my favorite.

9. Sage

Pretty middle of the pack playlist that fit the characters, but didn’t especially meet the music tastes of anyone specifically.

Andrew (7) – I don’t really remember this playlist much as of time of writing. Couple of the songs hit pretty well, the rest were just fine.

James (10) – Sage is a playlist I would most likely find on my discover weekly. That unfortunately makes it miss the mark, it doesn’t have anything special for me.

Dylan (6) – Some really cool Chinese/Hong Kong artists in this playlist. This is the playlist where I found the most music I’ll listen too.

8. Reyna

Bias, minimal thoughts and one happy little boy equals Reyna being towards the bottom. Not quite hitting the mark or sparking many thoughts, the playlist didn’t nail the landing.

Andrew (5) – Another playlist that usually wouldn’t be my style. Yet once I got into it I found myself really into most of the songs and adding them to my own playlists.

James (7) –  I think this is where bias starts coming into play. I’ve been rolled by my fair share of Reyna’s to make me dislike like her, and that rolled into her playlist, despite it certainly hitting the mark.

Dylan (10) – Not much to say, it wasn’t bad but it just did not click with me.

7. Omen

The biggest split among the three voters. This playlist was 100% aesthetic and that really worked for some, and didn’t for others. Regardless, this was the most interesting playlist of them all.

Andrew (11) – Okay, I get what they were going for but it’s just not a playlist I enjoyed. Little too much of the aesthetic and not enough actual music.

James (8) – Omen’s a weird one for me. Very much Omen, but so Omen that it didn’t make want to listen to it. Instead, I use it to fall asleep. Maybe that’s a good thing?

Dylan (2) – I thought the flavor was ON POINT for this one. I would have loved some deeper ambient cuts, but I’m so here for it.

6. Breach

With an interesting mix of EDM and Metal, Breach ends up in the middle of the pack. The doomer of the group loved the screaming, while the other two were not quite as excited.

Andrew (9) – Another playlist that I didn’t love. Couple songs I enjoyed but just not for me.

James (4) – Pissed off and angry, just like my favorite operator. Heavy EDM and metal, exactly what I wanted out of the Swede’s playlist. It took a lot out of me not being putting this one higher.

Dylan (8) – Too much screaming for my tastes, But I can see this playlist having some really die hard fans.

5. Brimstone

The playlist that had the biggest range of genres puts it in the top half of all agents. Everyone was able to find at least a few songs they could enjoy, but overall not the groups favorite.

Andrew (8) – Meh, it is all over the place and none of the songs really connected with me.

James (3) – Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine, and.. Bon Iver? Brimstone’s playlist clearly has a mood and then has your entire world shook up with the final song. I chalked it up to the depth of the character and potential of PTSD or depression.

Dylan (7) – This one is borderline boomerClap. Strokes are incredible, plus Fleetwood Mac AND Joji? Absolutely mad list, I love it.

4. Jett

Jett’s playlist is where we started to have differences in preferences, but it was another playlist where we were caught off guard. It’s a unique mix that none of us really familiar with.

Andrew (4) – Biggest surprise for me, I had no idea what I was getting in for but I completely enjoyed it.

James (9) – Yeah, this is definitely where bias comes into play. Jett is VALORANT’s Yasuo. And I fucking hate Yasuo.

Dylan (3) – I thought this was one of the more interesting agent playlists. It went in a lot of places but I can’t complain when they cap it off with my girl Charli.

3. Viper

I think that all three of us are willing to admit that the venomous assassin’s playlist was carried by Paramore. Viper can relate to all of us when we went through *that* phase when we were younger.

Andrew (3) – How could any playlist with Paramore not be in the top 3? I need say nothing more.

James (5) – This earned its place due to being a pleasant surprise from what I expected. Paramore came out of nowhere.

Dylan (5) – Absolute badass playlist for a killer agent. I loved the Paramore in there.

2. Cypher

The Moroccan agent who has an infinite number of ways to get the information he needs takes our second spot. Cypher is not a playlist any of us expected to enjoy, but we all were blown away with the unique playlist.

Andrew (2) – Usually not my type of music, but this playlist is unbelievable. I am still listening to this playlist on repeat.

James (1) – I don’t even play Cypher, in fact, I hate his playstyle, but his playlist masterfully captures the Moroccan spy’s aesthetic, without ever needing to touch the agent in-game.

Dylan (4) – Fits the character incredibly well and just smooth as silk.

1. Phoenix

The flaming hot agent from the United Kingdom takes the top list. It was almost unanimous the Phoenix’s playlist was the best fitting of the character and most enjoyable to listen to.

Andrew (1) – From beginning to end the playlist is a banger. UK Rap, The SCOTTS, and just every other song hitting perfectly for the agent.

James (2) –  Loud, in your face, and British. This banger playlist starts with Stormzy and carries that mood all the way through.

Dylan (1) – This is a god-tier playlist with some amazing UK Rap. Feels perfect for running it back with Phoneix.

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