Smile Down the Runway – The My Hero Academia of Fashion


In the last few anime seasons, I’ve made an effort to try and expand the variety of shows that I watch. So far I’ve checked out ID: Invaded, Plunderer and most importantly Smile Down the Runway.

I don’t know what made me decided to watch Smile Down the Runway. I know I’m trying to expand my tastes, but a fashion anime? Really? Well let me tell you, I feel like BooBoo the clown for not starting this show earlier.
Only 20 seconds into Smile Down the Runway, we get the line “I’m Chiyuki Fujito. This is my story of becoming a top model.” Sound familiar? Like something a specific messy-haired character would say in a small show called My Hero Academia?

If you don’t know, I’m a huge My Hero Academia fan. So much so that I do a watch-a-long podcast of the show every week called Class 1A! So learning that this is the same premise but with Fashion was enough to sell me on watching.

As we dive further into the show, we learn the focus isn’t completely on Chiyuki’s journey. In the first episode, we meet Ikuto Tsumura, a high school student who dreams of being a fashion designer. It becomes clear by the end of the episode that this will be following their journey together.

The show does a fantastic job of making you care about both characters. Each struggling with a part of their life that many can relate to. I mean who hasn’t had to pick between their passions and reality, or struggled to live up to family expectations and childhood dreams?

While you may not be getting spectacular battles week in and week out, that doesn’t mean the suspense is gone. I know next to nothing about modeling or fashion design, but I still feel the anxiety as they tackle their problems. At some points feeling the same way as I do during a big fight between heroes and villains.

I’ll end it here before I start spoiling some of the first episodes by saying give the show a shot. It 100% will not be for everyone, but I strongly believe that there is more in common with fashion and fighting villains than you may think.

New episodes of Smile Down the Runway are released on Friday mornings on Hulu, Funimation and more!

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