FaZeing Away – The Fizzling Out of A Legendary Team


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FaZe Clan. The name trick shooters recognize everywhere. Whether you were introduced to the team through Call of Duty, YouTube, or even Counter-Strike, its name has been synonymous with fame and money. FaZe’s CS:GO team was no joke either, as the team has had a legendary roster consisting of Karrigan, rain, GuardiaN, olofmeister and most importantly NiKo. The team peaked at the ELeague Boston major, where they reached and lost a nail-biting final.

After the major, the team began to stagnate heavily. The team decided to kick IGL Karrigan, throwing in trial players to take his positions while NiKo took the mantle of in-game leading. Nowadays, that decision has been widely regarded as one of the worst roster moves of all time.

Currently, the team’s roster consists of rain, olofmeister, NiKo, coldzera, and broky. The roster has not met up to expectations so far. NiKo attempting to in-game lead has led to a harsh decline in not only his play, but the entire teams play as well. The Bosnian player holds a 1.12 rating currently, well below what he usually averages. Rain has seen a gradual decrease in level since the ELeague final, seeming as if his confidence had vanished. Olofmeister has been playing at a decent level since the change and has been a consistent player that does what is asked of him. He is beginning to be put on better positions, as well as being given the AWP on occasion. Broky has been good young blood for the team, but he does not seem to have a very high ceiling, as he is being put in very support intensive roles. Lastly, coldzera has been somewhat of a failed experiment for the team. The Brazilian player sits at a 1.13 rating, which is very mediocre for a player who gets the majority of the resources in his team.

The team was then humiliated at IEM Beijing, where the team lost 16-2 and 16-0 to Astralis. It was an extremely disappointing loss for the roster, as no tier one team should lose in that fashion. What FaZe needs, is an in-game leader. Someone who can control NiKo and coldzera’s fiery personalities. The team should have looked at recruiting Aleksib, but with rumours of him being contracted to a team in the works, FaZe is left stuck in a situation that they created. Now sitting at seventh place on the world rankings, time is running out for FaZe. With each roster move that fails, the team moves closer and closer to irrelevancy.

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