Is The League of Legends Pro View Worth It?


The LCS summer split has finally begun, and that means I finally had the chance to get hands-on with Pro View. For those of you that don’t know, Pro View is a new service provided through It gives you the option to watch four streams at once, including player point-of-views, live stats, and more! For any Overwatch League fans, it’s very similar to the Overwatch League All-Access Pass.

After using it for the opening weekend of this split, I want to give my initial thoughts and answer the question if I think it’s worth it for casual fans of League of Legends.

Payment Structure

Right now you have the option to either buy a “Global Pass” for $19.99 or a “Regional Pass” for $14.99. As the name implies, the Regional Pass will give you Pro View for one region that you select. While obviously, the Global Pass will give it to you for all regions, which is only two.

So looking at the price, you’re currently paying around $40 per year for Pro View at the global level, or $30 for the regional level. The best comparison in the for a product like this is the Overwatch League All-Access Pass that is $14.99 for the complete Overwatch League season. Honestly charging at least double of what the All-Access Pass is felt excessive, and it doesn’t even include everything such as in-game skin tokens and discount codes on the Overwatch League website.

Live Stats, Build Paths and Skill Leveling Trees

My favorite feature of Pro View is by far how advanced and easy to use the live stats are. You’re able to select any lane match up, and see detailed stats about each player including gold differences, CS/Minute, total champion damage and so much more. On top of that, you’re able to see the order in which every single item is bought by an individual player. This allows you to see how professional players change their build based on the flow of the game. That same idea can be applied to the ability to see how each player is leveling their skills.

Limited Options for Regions and Events

Right now, the only regions included in Pro VIew are the LCS and the LEC. It also included all of the VOD’s from the Mid-Season Invitational. While that’s awesome for all of the NA and EU fans, it’s kinda of disappointing for fans from all of the other regions. While I’m sure they are working on expanding to as many regions as possible, it’s something to take into account when asking if it’s worth it.

It’s also unclear on what will happen when Worlds comes around. It seems to be very clear that what I paid for was only for the Summer Split. Does that mean that I’ll have to pay again for to be able to get these features for the tournament? If this is the case, I’m sure that’ll happen for MSI 2020 which means you’ll have the purchase the pass four times per year to keep all of the features.

Player View Feel Boring?

I’m a silver ADC, so obviously I wanted to watch Doublelift as my main stream in Pro View. Since It was the main stream, I muted all of the other streams I had pulled up. However, I was disappointing when I found out that the only things I heard was in game sounds? I would love to see them give us the option to allow the casters to continue over player POVs as well, because honestly it felt boring and had me instantly switch back to the main stream.

Sync With Friends Is A New Must Have Feature

While I haven’t used it yet, the idea of the sync your stream with friends is something all tools like this going forward have to have. The number of times I’ve been in a Discord call with multiple people not being synced up is crazy. This allows you to watch along with friends, your communities, or however you want without worrying about spoiling something for someone else.

So, Is It Worth It?

At this price, I’m going to have to say no. While the features are incredibly cool, I feel like having to buy Pro View for each split really devalues the service. If it was only $20 for both splits, and maybe paying extra for MSI and Worlds my answer would be much different. However, there is still no clear answer about if those events will be included and paying $40 a year for that extra couple of features just doesn’t seem worth it for the casual, or even dedicated fan.

For those looking to possibly play or coach professionally, or even those looking to become a caster could find value though. The VODs and player point of views are things that are beneficial for those looking to take the next step in their career, but even then there are ways to do that without paying.

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