OG Begins Their CSGO Journey


Will the new mix team find success?

OG is a name many people within esports recognize. The organization is a powerhouse within Dota 2, and recently decided to expand into CSGO. When the team unveiled its roster, many were surprised at how powerful the roster looked on paper. Led by ENCE player Aleksib, it marked the Finnish player’s grand return to competitive play. Joining him were star rifle players valde and ISSAA, as well as a rock-solid support player in NBK. The team originally signed Jamppi as their fifth, who was an absolute powerhouse of an AWPer on Finnish team SJ. However, after Jamppi was banned from Valve events for having a previously VAC banned account, the team looked towards mantuu. Mantuu, a British player playing on German team Alternate aTTaX, was an AWPer much different from Jamppi. But with their first tournament underway, will OG live up to their potential?

Aleksib is easily one of the best in-game leaders currently. The Finnish player made something out of nothing in ENCE, taking a below-average team in firepower to the semifinals of a Major. With the great player’s finally around him that are able to execute highly tactical strategies, Aleksib will be able to focus much more on leading the team, while also making sure that his teammates are in positions where their unique skillsets can individually shine.

Valde, one of the rifle players on the team, is another vital piece to OG’s identity. The Danish player was previously an in-game leader as well as a star player. This dichotomy of roles made valde a truly special player, and with the shackles of leading gone, valde will be able to show off his full fragging ability. The Dane can also giver secondary calls to Aleksib, from his previous experiences as an IGL. ISSAA, on the other hand, is another young player with a very high skill ceiling. Previously playing in HellRaisers, ISSAA was consistently called upon to be the second option for the team. This was a large task, especially asking that of a young 19-year-old player. After being dropped from the team, ISSAA drifted from team to team until finally being signed by OG. There are many questions as to whether ISSAA can get back in form, and this team will be the perfect proving ground.

NBK will serve as the support player for the team. With very solid play in any kind of position, NBK can fill almost any role a team needs him in. This works perfectly for his situation, as he is able to play slow, taking powerful passive angles around the map while teammates like valde and ISSAA make aggressive pushes. This will be NBK’s first international team, and with a history of clashing with teammates, this signing could be the move that makes or breaks the team. Filling out the roster is mantuu, a British AWPer who has spent most of his time on German team Alternate aTTaX. Differing from Jamppi’s pure talent and skill, mantuu has gotten in his position through hard work and determination. Constantly playing to improve, mantuu brings a much-needed hunger for the team. Mantuu will be looked at as one of the largest carries on the team.

All in all, I believe OG will be a good team. They have the potential to make the top five, but their first tournament will most likely be rocky, due to the team needing to gel before developing a consistent playstyle. With Aleksib’s leading, the team should come to be great, but personalities can’t clash. With some players on the team having rocky histories on previous teammates, OG could collapse just as easily as it could rise.

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