Review of Brian Altano’s Revangelion – A Remix of Anime Classic Evangelion

Review of Revangelion | Hosted by Dylan Beal & James Graham

This past week we (Dylan Beal and James Graham of PoppedOff) were given the chance to sit down with Brian Altano’s newest music project “Revangelion”. Given that we are both huge fans of EVA, anime, and music in general, this was perfect for us. If you’d like a full breakdown of our thoughts please check out the audio version of our discussion above. Otherwise we’ll give you the TL;DL here.

“Revangelion is a 21 minute, 7-song long instrumental album produced by Brian Altano and inspired by the classic anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” Featuring remixes, samples, and reinterpretations of the original soundtrack.”

Brian Altano is a host/producer/writer that has contributed work to IGN, Up at Noon, The Comedy Button, and more. Though a search of Brian’s past work may yield less than prolific results, this album certainly does not reflect such. The album’s seven tracks are modeled after EVA OST and are as follows:
01 A Cruel Angel’s Thesis
03 A Crystalline Night Sky
04 Rei Ayanami
05 Hedgehog’s Dilemma
06 Tokyo-3
07 Fly Me to the Moon

Overall we loved the album. It was short, sweet, and stayed in scope super well. You can truly feel the hip hop and video game inspirations in this album. For us it was a real treat to see Brian take on these classic songs and really make it his own. These songs are not covers by any stretch of the imagination. Though Brian uses the OST as a baseline for each song, the remixing and reimaging he puts the songs through makes them new and quite original, especially considering this is a remix album. The album really shines in the first half with A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, NERV, and A Crystalline Night Sky. The take on these were amazing. NERV being Dylan’s favorite as it puts a new dark and sinister theme to the classic. James commented that it sounded like video game boss music almost, which when thinking about NERV in the context of the show is perfect. The album takes a slight dip in tracks three to six. Though these are bad by any means, they just didn’t have the same impact on us that the first half did. But the album closes STRONG. Fly Me to the Moon is such a unique take on the classic EVA ending song. It takes the first line out of the original, loops it over and over, and then slowly build upon it with samples from the show. The song is an absolute banger and James’ favorite on the album.

This is really an album we’d recommend any fan of Evangelion listen to. It’s short, sweet, and really shows how much Brian loves the series. He took these songs and really made them his own. We hope Brian in ramping up to put out more music. And if we got to choose the next Remix album we’d say Gundam for sure.

Revangelion is available on every major music platform TODAY Friday, November 22nd, 2019. Go check it out!

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