Recreating DragonX – A Hypothetical Line Up


After losing the entirety of his team, what roster moves will bring Deft and DragonX back to the top? Photo Credit

Kingzone DragonX entered the competitive LCK region with a star-studded lineup. They were a force to be reckoned with and placed third in the 2018 Spring split. Eventually acquiring superstar AD Carry player Deft, it looked like Kingzone would be unstoppable.

However, this wasn’t the case, as the team began to stagnate. A majority of the old roster left the team due to the stagnation, with the team saying goodbye to veterans Peanut, PraY, GorillA and bdd, with only Deft remaining. The team piled together a lineup of LCK rejects and mid-tier players to fill out the roster, including the likes of TusiN and Naehyun. This team performed even worse, placing 7th in the 2019 LCK Summer Split.

The organization announced a rebranding as DragonX on October 9th, and with it came even more roster news. All players on the team except for Deft left to search for other offers. With news of coach cvMax facing an indefinite suspension, things look grim for Deft. Deft has had a long and illustrious career, but the World Championship trophy has always eluded him. With this news, I will build a roster around Deft that I believe if the team fields, will have great success in one of the most competitive regions in League of Legends.

Top Lane: Smeb

While out of his prime, I believe Smeb has potential to still be one of the best top lane players in the region. He has shown proficiency on fighters, playing a variety of champions including Kennen, Renekton and Irelia. I believe that his struggles on KT Rolster were because of the roster not meshing together. With a roster that has talented players on which Smeb can rely upon, I can see the veteran having a great year. He would play with less resources, but I believe that he will be able to reinvent himself with this roster.

Jungle: Tarzan

With Griffin likely dissolving, it only makes sense to put Tarzan on our dream roster. Tarzan has an excellent champion pool, being able to play both fighters and tanks. Tarzan is an extremely underrated tank jungler, as he had an 83% win rate on Sejuani throughout the 2019 LCK Summer Split. He has great chemistry with the mid laner of our dream team, and constantly makes plays around the map. The jungler assisted in 72% of plays around the map for his team during the same split. A very calm and collected player, Tarzan would make a great shotcaller for the team.

Mid Lane: Chovy

Chovy exploded onto the competitive scene, quickly proving himself as one of the best mid laners in Korea. Chovy has great synergy with Tarzan, as the two players regularly roam to bottom lane together in order to get their teammates ahead. Chovy has an extremely large champion pool, and while not averaging many kills a game, has the potential to pull out a devastating Akali and carry a game single handedly. Putting Chovy in the mid lane for our team makes sense when we take Deft into account. Deft would still be getting the majority of resources from his team as the primary carry, and would constantly get assistance from roams by Chovy. Chovy is a jack of all trades, a star player with the mindset of a role player, and someone who I think could push this team into contention as the best team in Korea.

Support: GorillA

Many people seem to forget how good of a support player GorillA can be. His stay on Misfits wasn’t the best. His hype died once he moved to Europe, as his AD Carry Hans Sama received the praise and attention. After going through a large losing streak, GorillA was released from the team. I think being on an international team somewhat hurt his ability, as he did not mesh with Misfits at all. However, GorillA has previous experience playing with Smeb, as they were both a part of the legendary 2016 ROX Tigers. GoillA is a passive player that focuses on enhancing his AD Carry as much as possible. GorillA plays supports with high crowd control, setting up his AD Carry with an easy kill, as well as playing very defensive and close to his AD Carry if need be. GorillA’s lane partner’s have always flourished individually with him. PraY and Hans Sama both have ridiculous skill, and grew greatly with GorillA beside them. With GorillA, Deft will have a support player that will protect him at all costs, allowing the superstar to focus on his own game.

In conclusion, I believe this team could “reboot” the DragonX brand that they so desperately need. The team would be very bot lane focused, but with the amazing teamplay between Tarzan and Chovy, roams and ganks will be very easy to execute. GorillA would be a stable presence on the rift, dedicated to protecting Deft at all costs. Smeb would be a role player, but with the ability to carry a game at a moment’s notice, would have loads of space to operate on his own. Lastly, Deft would be able to hyper carry games like he should be. The star AD Carry has been through a gauntlet of trials and tribulations throughout his career. This roster could potentially bring Deft back to the top of the LCK.

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