The Return of FORG1VEN


Can the legendary player survive in the LEC?

The 2019 off-season for League of Legends has been nothing short of electrifying. With teams like TSM and Rogue rising once again, it seems as though there will be parity in the LEC and LCS once again. One of the most interesting roster moves that were made this offseason was undoubtedly the acquisition of legendary Greek player FORG1VEN to Schalke 04. FORG1VEN is a player some may forget, as his last big season was in 2016, where he reached the World Championship Semifinals. It will be his first time playing in two years. FORG1VEN, unfortunately, had to complete military service, taking a large time away from League of Legends as a result. After Schalke announced the signing, many thought it was a step down from Upset, a young player with star potential. However, there are many reasons why this is a massive signing.

FORG1VEN is easily one of the most mechanically skilled players to ever play League of Legends, or any game he decides to play, as he has maintained an extremely elite rank in multiple games including Heroes of the Storm and CSGO. He is a very lane dominant player, farming aggressively in order to carry late game team fights from the backline. With Schalke announcing Dreams as his support, FORG1VEN will be set up to succeed. Dreams is a very underrated support player, as the Korean player was a key player on SK. He is very aggressive and lane dominant as well, which will enhance FORG1VEN’s play once he is able to breeze by into the late game.

FORG1VEN also has a very strong winning mentality. FORG1VEN expects the best out of himself, never getting complacent or unmotivated. Many people have called him a toxic teammate, as he has been known to speak his mind when a teammate makes a bad play or is caught out. Some may find it toxic, but FORG1VEN expects his teammates to put in the work to play to the best of their ability. Teammates that have gotten along with FORG1VEN have seemed unstoppable, as Jankos and Ryu both looked very good alongside him. FORG1VEN’s drive and passion for the game won’t let him drop off in skill, in fact, I believe it will only take him a few games to get back into form.

Lastly, we also have proof of FORG1VEN’s success already. For instance, when FORG1VEN began playing again, he quickly climbed to a top ten ranking in challenger. He did this alongside a Greek duo partner, receiving no help from any other player. FORG1VEN grinded his way back to the LEC on his own terms and looks very hungry to win. Schalke made a great signing, as he is a very low risk, high reward player that many teams did not want to take a chance on. If Abbedagge continues to improve and Dreams has an impact on the bottom lane, FORG1VEN will show the LEC just how much they have missed his presence.

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