The Revolving Door that is GamerLegion


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Roster swaps. A thing of excitement, disappointment, and every feeling in between. A roster swap can quickly change a team’s identity, playstyle, and culture. Within CS: GO, roster changes happen quite a bit. Teams like to tinker with their five players until they find a roster that can achieve success. Tier one teams see long-lasting success through recruiting players based on name and resume, while tier two and three teams try to find a diamond in the rough player that can turn their team into a contender.

GamerLegion is a Swedish CS:GO team that I believe has all the right pieces for a great roster, but they can’t seem to stop making roster swaps. Earlier this year, GamerLegion debuted with an entirely mixed roster, ScreaM and Ex6TenZ from Belgium, HS from Estonia, with Hampus alongside Nawwk coming from the Swedish scene to round out the roster. Since then, the team has repeatedly cycled through players. ScreaM, Ex6TenZ, and HS have all left the team since it was formed, and have been replaced by a revolving door of Swedish free-agents and stand-ins. Legendary Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas player Dennis were recruited to the team a few months after forming, but he has been sidelined due to health problems.

With the team deciding to go fully Swedish, it seems that the Manager and Coach of the team are testing roster chemistry and tinkering with strategies and roles respectively. The team recently signed entry-fragger RuStY and IGL freddieb. This change has been great for the team, but the loss of Dennis and reliance of stand-ins has crippled the team’s success. However, I believe the answer to their problem resides within their roster currently.

With the WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 2 Championships underway, GamerLegion would have to sub in another player to take the place of Dennis. AWPer and former Fnatic and NiP player was announced to be the stand-in for Dennis, and has looked amazing so far. In fact, I believe this roster could be the future of Swedish CS. Draken has been relegated to the fringes of the Swedish scene due to motivation and behavior problems. I believe these claims to be exaggerated, as Draken is an extremely capable player who has shown time and time again that he has extreme carry potential. Having played with freddieb, hampus, and RuStY, the team already has chemistry. Nawwk is young blood for the team, providing good hybrid play with a high skill ceiling. He currently sits at a 1.13 rating.

The team went 1-1 in the group stage, defeating Winstrike and losing to GODSENT. The loss was very close, and with GODSENT’s roster having large amounts of time spent together, looks good for the new GamerLegion team. The team then bested ForZe 2-0. This was a huge win for the team. The team will be looking to take home first place with this new roster.

In my opinion, if the team dropped Dennis for Draken, it would be great for the team. Dennis is a veteran who is on the decline of his career. With Draken, the team gets a ballsy, high risk, high reward player. This boost in firepower could be what GamerLegion needs to insert themselves into the conversation as one of the best teams in Sweden.                       

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