Fnatic Becomes Consistent Once Again


Fnatic looks primed to take on the top dogs of the Counter-Strike scene

Fnatic has been playing very well as of recent. After reuniting with teammates Golden and flusha, the team that had up until recently struggled with consistency began to bounce back. The addition of Golden, in particular, has made the team immeasurably better. This is amazing news for Fnatic fans, as the team has had its fair share of hard times. After the dynasty of the team ended in 2016, it seemed like the Swedes were doomed to mediocrity. However, the team has proved its critics wrong.

The return of flusha has also resulted in KRIMZ playing much better. The two players are very good friends outside of the game and complement each other’s playstyles very well. KRIMZ is a rock for the team, providing consistent results no matter who his teammates are, averaging a 1.11 rating over the past three months. In spite of this, he has a few positions where he can be an absolute monster as well, forcing whatever team Fnatic plays against to respect him. Flusha has been great since returning from an extended hiatus from the pro scene. He currently fills out the supportive side of Fnatic alongside IGL Golden, and is very well known for his talent in clutching rounds.

Brollan has looked like the young star the team hoped he would become, as he has been stellar for the team. The player has averaged a 1.16 rating and has shown flashes of transcendental play. The young player is set up to succeed and has shined immensely. JW has shown a somewhat dip in form but continues to have a nuclear game on occasion.

These players are able to be great because of Golden. While not being mechanically great, Golden is an amazing leader who can consistently make the best of whatever roster he has to work with. Golden is also a very misleading player. While he does not put up big numbers, he has an extremely high impact on the game whenever he gets a kill or an assist. This is not a trait most low fragging players have, however, Golden has made some highlight reel level plays for his team when they need him most.

The team has had a top-four finish at the last three events they attended, and look to be on a major upswing. Fnatic’s head coach has repeatedly stated that the team gets along very well on a personal level. The Swedish team has shown amazing poise as of late, and with all of the hardships the team has gone through since 2016, the success seems somewhat deserved.

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